High Quality Product at  Reasonable Cost

Provide best product to

ensure structural longevity

2014 VA Trucking Association Safety Award - Whitehurst Transport, Inc.

2012 VTCA Contractor Safety Award - Slurry Pavers, Inc.

2012 VA Trucking Association Safety Award - Whitehurst Transport, Inc.

2010 VA Trucking Association Safety Award - Whitehurst Transport, Inc.


Established in 1966...


Slurry Pavers began by providing quality Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing to its customers.  Over the years, additional processes were added along the way to complement our existing services including: Milling, Full Depth Reclamation, Soil Stabilization, Striping and Crack Seal.


Our focus is to safely provide our clients and the traveling public a high quality product at reasonable cost.  By supplying the proper treatment based on road-type, Slurry Pavers strives to furnish clients with the best product to ensure structural longevity.






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